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Need a Job? Join our "Jobseekers Day The Grand Job Fair" This is your day! Come and join us on August 28 & 29, 2014 10am until 6pm various employers awaits you! 

Stay tuned for the list of available job vacancies... we will upload the list before the event date.  Rest assured that we'll bring you variety of employers to choose from. 

You are definitely invited click this link if you are going!

You can also check our commercial 

More than 4000 applicants attended our "Jobseekers Day" held last August 28 & 29, 2014 at Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Employers and Jobseekers thank you for believing in MEI. Good luck and let MEi be of help whenever you need us.

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Be a part of TEAM EEI! The World's Partner in Construction!

Project Management Team: (Specializing in Electromechanical, Highrise, Infrastructure, civil or heavy construction works)

Project Managers, Construction Superintendent, Contracts Administrators

OPERATIONS: Party Chief Surveyors, Project Architects, Supervisors for the following Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Quality Control, Planning, Safety, Rebar and  Structural

ENGINEERS: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Design & Cost, Piping and Welding

FOREMEN: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Rebar, Architectural

SKILLED WORKERS: Tile Setters, Finishing Masons, Rough Masons, Finishing Carpenters, Rough Carpenters, Rebarmen, Plumbers, Scaffolders, Pipefitters, Millwrights, Mechanical Fitters, Structural Fitters, Instrument Technicians, Instrument Fitters, Industrial Electricians, Building Electricians

Light & Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Medium Duty Drivers, Heavy Duty Drivers (Dum

Immediate hiring for Engineers with or without experience! Visit the EEI booth!
ENGINEERS  (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial, Sales, Structural, Design and Cost, Piping, 
Infrastructure Support Engineers  and Welding)
  • Account Executives
  • Accounting Assistants
  • Accounting Specialists
  • Accounting Staff
  • Accounting Team Leader
  • Admin Assistant
  • Aircon Technician
  • Applications Developer
  • AR & Billing Analyst
  • Area Managers
  • Area Operations Supervisors
  • Area Sales Managers
  • Assistant Store Managers
  • Back-Office
  • Back-up Administrators
  • Baggers
  • Barista
  • Beauty Assistants
  • Bilingual CSR
  • Brand Managers
  • Building Electrician
  • Busboy
  • Business Dev't Managers
  • Business Process Analysts
  • Business Unit Associate for Events (Concerts, Recital and Practicum)
  • Business Unit Associate for Arts and Talents
  • Buying Officers
  • Carpenters
  • Cashiers
  • Change Coordinator
  • Checker
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Computer Technician
  • Cook
  • Counter Crew
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Cutter
  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Database Administrators
  • Delivery Helper
  • Demand Analysts
  • Development Secretary
  • Dishwasher
  • Dispatcher
  • Distributor Specialist
  • Documentation Clerk
  • Drivers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Electro-Mechanical Technicians
  • Elevator Operators
  • Enterprise Support Analysts
  • Entry Desk
  • Event Promoters
  • Events Manager
  • Factory Workers
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Food Attendant
  • Fork Lift Operator
  • Franchise Associate

                                                            • Frontline and Sales Asst
                                                          1. Graphic Artists
                                                          2. Helpdesk Agents
                                                          3. Helpers
                                                          4. HR Employee Relations
                                                            • HR Officer
                                                            • HR Receptionist
                                                            • HR Specialists
                                                            • Implementation Coordinator
                                                            • Infrastructure Support Engineers
                                                            • Invoicing Assistants
                                                            • IT Staff
                                                            • Janitors
                                                            • Junior Auditors 
                                                            • Junior Marketing Officer
                                                            • Key Account Managers
                                                            • Kitchen Helper
                                                            • Language Trainer
                                                            • Liaison Officer
                                                            • Machine Operators
                                                            • Mainframe Z/OS System
                                                            • Programmers
                                                            • Maintenance Supervisors
                                                            • Management Trainees
                                                            • Marketing  & Sales Staff
                                                            • Marketing Assistants
                                                            • Marketing Director
                                                            • Mechanical Engineers
                                                            • Mechanist
                                                            • Merchandisers
                                                            • MIS Staff
                                                            • Mobile Application Developer
                                                            • Motorized Messenger
                                                            • Network Administrator
                                                            • Network Fights Administrator
                                                            • Ocular/Cost Estimators
                                                            • Office Staffs
                                                            • OJT / Intern
                                                            • Online Training Developer
                                                            • Operations Managers   
                                                            • Outbound Sales Associate
                                                            • Pattern Maker
                                                            • Payables Assistants
                                                            • Porters
                                                            • Principal Specialist
                                                            • Product Manager 
                                                            • Production Clerk
                                                            • Production Operators
                                                            • Project Lead
                                                            • Project Manager
                                                            • Promo Assistant
                                                            • Promodizers
                                                            • Promoter
                                                            • Promotions Agents
                                                            • Purchasing Manager
                                                            • QA Analysts
                                                            • QA Coach
                                                            • QA Specialists
                                                            • Quality Coach
                                                            • Real Estate Consultant
                                                            • Receiving Staff
                                                            •  Receptionist

                                                              • Reporting Specialists
                                                              • Reserve Logistics
                                                              • Returns Encoder
                                                              • Roomboy
                                                              • Sales  Agents
                                                              • Sales & Marketing Assistants     
                                                              • Sales Account Specialists
                                                              • Sales Consultants
                                                              • Sales Manager
                                                              • Sales Promo
                                                              • Sales Representatives
                                                              • Sales Support Engineers
                                                              • Salesladies
                                                              • Sample Maker
                                                              • Secretaries
                                                              • Security Support Specialists
                                                              • Senior Engineers
                                                              • Senior Specialists
                                                              • Server
                                                              • Shift Engineers
                                                              • Shift Supervisors
                                                              • Site Clerk
                                                              • Site Supervisor
                                                                    • Smart Phone Tester Leader
                                                                    • Software Engineer
                                                                    • Specialist II
                                                                    • Stockman
                                                                    • Store Crew
                                                                    • Store Managers
                                                                    • Systematics Programmer Analysts
                                                                    • Systems Administrators
                                                                    • Team Leader
                                                                    • Technical Helpdesk Associates
                                                                    • Technical Supervisor
                                                                    • Technical Support Representatives
                                                                    • Telemarketing Agents
                                                                    • Telephone Operators
                                                                    • Trade Marketing Manager
                                                                    • Traffic Coordinators
                                                                    • Training & Quality Service Manager
                                                                    • Training Designer
                                                                    • Training and Business Assistant
                                                                    • UNIX System Administrator
                                                                    • Usherettes
                                                                    • Utility Technicians
                                                                    • Visual Designers
                                                                    • Visual Merchandisers
                                                                    • Vocal Coaches for pop singing
                                                                    • Waiter
                                                                    • Waitress
                                                                    • Warehouse Assistants
                                                                    • Warehouse Clerk
                                                                    • Warehouse Supervisors               
                                                                    • Web Developer
                                                                    • Welders
                                                                    • Window Dressers
                                                                    • Workforce Analysts
                                                                    • and many more
                                                                    OVERSEAS JOB OPENINGS:    
                                                                    • Shift Manager
                                                                    • Restaurant Supervisors
                                                                    • Bakers / Cake Decorators
                                                                    • Cashiers

                                                                    • Front of the House Staffs
                                                                    • Butchers
                                                                    • Landscapers
                                                                    • Geodetic Engineer
                                                                    • Land Surveyor

                                                                    The Grand Opening of Magnus Eventus Inc. 2014 Job Fair at the activity center of Trinoma Mall on January 28 & 29, 2014 was truly a success. 

                                                                    Councilor Candy Medina, Councilor Bong Liban, PESO Manager Carlo Abella and Mrs. Angelu De Leon-Rivera was present for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

                                                                    Attended by 2,952 Jobseekers and participated by 44 companies from different industries.

                                                                    During this event we also launch Mrs. Angelu's co-endorsers namely Thelina Sicam, Sheilla-Lynn Placedes, Mariam Bautista and Justin Abejar. They are the "Showtime Ka-loka-like Semi-finalist"  

                                                                    For more details about the participating companies and their job openings kindly click the Trinoma Job Fair picture.

                                                                    For more information, call or text 09178624687 | 5422688 | 7823466 | Telefax: 4129511 | 3767357
                                                                    Exhibitor:      jobfair@magnuseven

                                                                    List of 2014 MEI MEGA JOB FAIRS: 

                                                                    • January 28 & 29 - Trinoma Mall 
                                                                    • February 6 & 7 - Starmall EDSA-Shaw
                                                                    • March 6 & 7 - Starmall Alabang
                                                                    • March 27 & 28 - Metropoint EDSA-Taft
                                                                    • May 13 & 14 - SM Mega Mall Megatrade Hall 1
                                                                    • June 19 & 20 - Starmall EDSA-Shaw
                                                                    • August 6 & 7 - Starmall Taguig City
                                                                    • August 28 & 29 - SM Mega Trade Hall 3
                                                                    • September 11 & 12 - Starmall EDSA-Shaw
                                                                    • October 9 & 10 - Starmall Taguig
                                                                    • October 22 & 23 - Starmall Alabang
                                                                    • October 28 & 29 - Trinoma Mall 
                                                                    • November 13 & 14 - Starmall EDSA-Shaw
                                                                    • November 18 & 19 -  SM Mega Trade Hall 3

                                                                    Do you want to work as a Call Center Agent? Join our BPO Exclusive Job Fair Caravans. Click your preferred BPO for more details.

                                                                    Magnus Eventus found this great helpful YouTube video for our Jobseekers
                                                                    Courtesy of the 2 Interview Guys... 
                                                                    Click the info that you like and you'll be directed to their site. 

                                                                    Things to Bring: 

                                                                    • Several copies of your updated Resume
                                                                    • Valid Government issued ID
                                                                    • 2-3 Ball pens
                                                                    • Paper or notebook
                                                                    • Handly envelope or bag 

                                                                    Tips for Jobseekers:

                                                                    Be at your best when you apply! After you visit our website, prepare yourself and be ready to conquer your dream job.

                                                                    Start with your Resume.
                                                                    Do not just bring a simple bio-data, make sure you have several printed compies of your resume with professional looking photo (do not just cut and paste your Facebook profile picture) You can visit Great Image and have your own corporate pictorial picture and use that on your Resume. Make sure taht all the data on your Resume must be updated, check the spelling, contact details and higlight the important information that can help you win the job. 
                                                                    Other Documents needed: 
                                                                    Transcript of Records 
                                                                    • SSS number or E1 Form
                                                                    • Tax Identification Number
                                                                    • Philhealth Number
                                                                    • Certificate of Employment
                                                                    • Atleast 3 character referrence

                                                                    Your Look!

                                                                    Check the clothes that you need to wear, it is better that you wear a smart casual attire when you face the interviewer/s of the companies that you are applying for. Check out RRJ (Rough Rider Jean) they have several lined up smart casual clothes to choose from. It's not just the look but you have to be sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. 

                                                                    Remember FIRST Impression LAST.

                                                                    The Big Day! 

                                                                    Expect the unexpected. During the interview, maintain eye contact, focus on the interviewers questions. When you answer, think first, gather your thoughts before you utter any words. Be straight to the point, don't go around the bushes. The usual question that they always ask is "Tell me something about yourself?" I know most of you, you already have this memorized, but please do not sound so scripted. As much as posible, just go with the flow of your thouhts besides you are talking about yourself, who knows you more than you, right? 

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