Magnus Eventus Inc.

Basta job fair, Magnus Eventus yan!

Attending Magnus Eventus job fair is a great way to introduce yourself directly to hiring managers and company representatives and to network with other job seekers who may have leads on where to apply. However, there are a few tips and tricks every job seeker needs to know before heading out the door. Here's how to prepare for and get hired at a job fair.

1. Upon registration at the MEi Job Fair, you can check our Exhibitors Directory for the list of participating companies. 

2. Practice interviewing skills such as eye contact, smiling, shaking hands, displaying enthusiasm, offering a quick summary of skills and experience, and saying thank you.

3. While a dress shirt and slacks are generally accepted these days in most companies, men should wear a business casual, presentable shoes, a clean hairstyle, and a fresh shave. Women can wear a conservative blouse and skirt, or even consider a traditional business suit. The key is to err on the side of conservatism. And for both men and women, cover tattoos and remove piercings.

4.Arrive early - job seekers are often literally shoulder to shoulder competing for every available job. The line to get into the job fair will likely be a long one, so plan on arriving at least a half hour early to get in front of the crowd. But that's only the first line - next come the lines to speak with the individual companies in their booths.

5. Bring tons of resumes. Because you will speak to a number of companies during the job fair, have at least 20 copies of your resume on hand. Here's another trick: hand employers a "micro" resume they can slip into their pocket. This tiny business card resume contains contact information and a brief summary of your skills and experience.

6. When introducing yourself to hiring managers, remember to shake hands, smile, emphasize strengths and skills, and "ask" for the job by telling him or her you'd be great for the position based on your skills and background. Be sure to get each hiring manager's contact information such as a business card.

7. Remember to subscribe to our site so we can assist and update you with additional tips and guide from MEi.