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NBI CLEARANCE - National Bureau of Investigation Clearance

National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (NBI Clearance) is a certificate issued by the National Bureau of Investigation as proof of identity and it is a certification whether you have committed any criminal offense or not in the Republic of the Philippines. 
All applicants who are in need of NBI Clearance who are: 
  • First-time applicants
  • Renewal of NBI Clearance
  • Renewal of previous NBI Clearance has correction/error/changes in any field, even if a single letter is to be corrected, needs to register online again.

You need to present any of the TWO (2) Valid Government-Issued Identification such as: 
  • UMID
  • Etc

Did you know that under RA 11261 - ALL FIRST TIME JOB SEEKERS CAN AVAIL NBI CLEARANCE FOR FREE, all you have to do is present a Barangay Certificate.


  2. Click First Time Jobseekers
  3. Agree to the Data Privacy Content
  4. Pursuant to Section 3 and Section 4 of RA 11261: 
  • You could avail of this privilege once and for once copy of clearance only
  • You need to present a duly issued Barangay Certificate from place of residence stating that you are a resident for at least six (6) months and a first time Job Seeker; 
  • The issued Barangay Certificate can be used within one year from the date of issuance
5. Accomplish the On-Line Form "Register as First Time Jobseeker"  

Here are the information that you need to accomplish: 

  • Gender
  • Civil Status
  • Birthdate
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Surname

  • Mother's Maiden Name
  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Click the Read and Accept Terms of Services

NBI Clearance Online Registration and Application Services

Online Registration appointment and epayment
  1. Photo and Fingerprint Scanning
  2. Clearance Printing

Online Renewal

You can renew your NBI Clearance online
  • Old NBI ID
  • Mobile Number
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthdate 

Whenever you get an NBI Clearance, two (2) copies will be provided to you

The one on-top print is for the company or institution that's requesting the clearance and the bottom portion is for your personal copy. 

It would be best to always keep or save your NBI ID Number, because it is a unique number just like your SSS or TIN.

See Sample NBI Clearance below.

NBI Clearance "HIT"

When you apply for an NBI Clearance and all applicants will undergo a process every name is checked for any criminal record- also known as "derogatory records" - and if your name search result matches a "HIT", regardless if the criminal case belongs to you or a namesake. Verification will take place. 

There will be a delay of release for Applicants with a "HIT" status, usually it will take 5 to 10 working days to check the derogatory records if it belongs to you or a namesake. 
If there's no incriminating records, you can claim the clearance without any additional fee. Expect that if your name got a "HIT" when you renew your NBI Clearance again that you will again undergo the same HIT procedure.

Some requirements needed in case of HIT: 
  • At least 2 Valid ID
  • NBI Clearance Official Receipt and print out of your online registration/application form
  • If the derogatory records belongs to you, you must present the Original and photocopy of the Court Decision/Certification from the Court showing that the criminal case has been dismissed.
  • If the derogatory records belong to a namesake, Affidavit of Denial (to be provided by the NBI Agent) where you can attest that you only share the same name as the one involved in a criminal case/s but you're not the same person. By executing this affidavit, you're declaring under oath that you have nothing to do with any of criminal case/s filed against your namesake, therefore clearing your name and preventing another "hit" from occurring in the future.

After proving that the case was already dismissed, your NBI Clearance will be issued to you right away.