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All About Pre-Employment Requirements

Pre employment Checklist

So  the phone call that you have been waiting for  5 days finally arrived, and you can't wait to tell your folks and your friends about it:" You are hired". Good job my friend, you passed level one. Getting the coveted nod from your employer of choice is the first part of this adventure that you have gotten  yourself into. 

In your childhood days (or even now that you are a full grown human being), I'm pretty sure you have played an RPG (Role Playing Video Game), in which you collected magical stuff and earned some badges before you saved the princess? That's what this next part is like.

Here's the list of the necessary documents that you must have before you can finally declare yourself an employee, let's start from the most important:

"Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes" - Benjamin Franklin

BIR Form 1902

  • This form is applicable for NEW employees.
  • It's a must for you to pay your taxes.
  • You can get a copy of this by clicking here

BIR Form 1905

  • Applicable for employees that already secured a TIN
  • You still have to pay your taxes even if you transferred to a new company
  • You can get a copy of this by clicking here

BIR Form 2316 

  • Your proof that have paid your taxes for the year.
  • This is normally accomplished by your former employer (that is, if they remit their taxes)
  • You can get a copy by clicking here

"Bilib kami sa 'yo! "


  • For your pension in the not-so -far future.
  • Because you will spend your money on useless stuff, you need this badly
  • You can secure a copy by clicking here

SSS Employment History, Contribution, Loans
  • Just to check if your contributions are really being paid off
  • 2 ways of checking it, visit an SSS kiosk and have it printed or, hop on their website and click on e-services

"Sa Pag-IBIG ang pinaghirapan may katuparan" 

Pag-ibig Member Data Form (MDF)

  • For new members
  • Pretty handy in filing multipurpose loans
  • You can get a copy by clicking here

Request to transfer form
  • Use to consolidate if you have been given multiple HDMF numbers
  • Get a copy by clicking here

NBI Clearance (National Bureau of Investigation)

  • This is really needed regardless if you're a newbie or an experienced employee
  • Function is to check if you have violated any laws (National level)
  • The employer needs to check that they are not employing a terrorist or anything close to it
  • You can check the NBI Clearance Online Guide by clicking here
Visit the NBI Online Registration’s website or

"PhilHealth Your Partner in Health"

Applicable for all employees, new or old; Even unemployed can do Voluntary Contribution
Pretty handy on medical bills.
You can get a number  by clicking here
You can also check your contribution by creating an account, click this link

PSO  Birth Certificate (formerly known as NSO Birth Certificate)

  • A document to support that you are born in the Philippines
  • You should probably have this since Day 1 on planet earth.
  • On the event that you don't have any, click here

PSO Marriage Certificate (formerly known as NSO Marriage Certificate)

A document to support that you are Married.

You can make a request by clicking here

Police Clearance
  • It functions like the NBI clearance as well, normally not required if you already secured an NBI clearance
  • Cases reflected here are more on City or Municipality level ; just make sure that you are cleared 
  • You can obtain one by visiting the nearest Police Station in your area.

Barangay Clearance 

  • Just like the NBI clearance, it is just a precautionary measure of the company that you are applying with.
  • You can go to your Barangay Hall of  your area of residence 

Diploma and Transcript of Records

  • This document is needed to prove your educational attainment be sure to have and keep original copy with you and only give or handover the photocopies to your employer.
  • You can secure this by going back to your school; it takes time to secure this so make sure to get it in advance

That is a handful of paper work we know. But if it helps ,you can take comfort knowing that there is no exemption in getting these documents, whether you are a rank and file employee or to the head honcho of the company, you still have to fall in line and get these done.