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Trabaho Coaching

To add on our attempt to be the bona fide leading job fair organizer in the country, we conducting "Trabaho Coaching Roadshows" in Metro Manila and possibly around the Philippines to help applicants prepare for our job fairs.

For 7 years that we are organizing job fairs, we realized that organizing these events is not enough to help out our countrymen that are struggling to get employed. So for 2018, we are planning to go down to grass root level and help out jobs seekers to really step up their game and be job seekers no more.

What we are trying to achieve is to equip the applicants with basic knowledge on how to pass the whole application process and prepare them in their job finding endeavors. How do we plan to set our grand scheme in motion? By collaborating with all possible sectors that are happy to let us do what we are passionate about.    

We definitely have so much in store for you for 2018. Still have doubts on our capabilities? Here's our ever growing list of clients and of course, you can also hear the applicants have to say themselves.


Basta Job Fair, Magnus Eventus 'Yan!

Check back soon for the list of Trabaho Coaching roadshow