Magnus Eventus Inc.

Basta job fair, Magnus Eventus yan!

About Magnus Eventus Inc. Job Fair

Magnus Eventus Inc. was formed in March, 2010 in Quezon City, Philippines with Security and Exchange Commission No. CS201004056  issued on the 19th day of March,  2010 and with Company Tax Identification Number 007-649-181-000 and also registered with the

Magnus Eventus Inc. is a business venture started by professional individuals who have pooled their
resources and their expertise to create an entity that aims to help provide employment opportunities
to jobseekers and organizing memorable events and providing companies with their marketing and branding needs  & strategizing various activities.

Magnus Eventus Inc. continuously producing mega job fairs and Special Recruitment Activities. Continuously we set to design and organize events for our clients that help them achieve their targets best.

We aim to put employers and would-be employees in direct contact with each other to explore mutually beneficial relationships by producing job fairs in a regular basis, both for Special Recruitment Activity for just one (1) company or Mega Job Fair with various participating industries.

We are the answer to sourcing needs of the clients and we know how to deliver. Our relationship doesn't end after our event. We'll make sure that you will get benefits before, during and after the event.

We have come up with innovative ideas that would further ease and help our jobseekers, such as issuing the MEi Jobseeker's Card for FREE wherein it can be use as an identification card  and express pass during our job fairs,  JSC  will also serve as training and job assistance and as privilege card. With this we want to make their life easy by enjoying additional perks and benefits. 

Our clients and the applicants are our first priority.
Our mission is not just to serve our valued employers and jobseeker's  but also to serve our country by extending our services  in being an employment channel.

We do not just focus on the business side, when we work, we do it with advocacy. We want to nurture more the trust and a lasting relationship with our clients, our applicants and the government.

With Magnus Eventus Inc. the government is assured that we truly comply with all the requirements needed and follow the rules and regulation set by the DOLE and PESO. We make sure that reports
will and must be submitted in time and in proper order.

Come let MEi open the doors to your future!

Our Mission

We aim and committed to be an employment channel for employers and jobseekers, we do not just focus on the business side but we do it with advocacy. Our mission is to bring jobs closer to Filipino people and help serve our country the best way we can. 

Our Vision

We aspire to foresee that we give huge contribution in solving unemployment problem of our beloved country, the Philippines. By helping others be employed, we create prosperous chain reactions from the hired individuals, to their family, to the company that they served and to the growth of our economy.

2017 Magnus Eventus Inc. ventured in Millennial Technology. Last January 24, 2017 the Magnus Job Fair mobile application went live a day before the first job fair event held at Triangle North Mall. From a total of 2,766 applicants attendees 382 of which are mobile app users who downloaded and came. In just 3 days Magnus Job Fair Mobile App already generated 819 app users who downloaded it via Google Play Store. 

Magnus Job Fair Mobile Application is expected to go Live on Apple App Store on February, a week before the SM Megamall Job Fair. 

Employers and Applicants can now have an up to date access to Magnus Eventus Events and job opportunities. Applicants can create their profile and choose which event they can attend to and also apply directly to your company once you subscribe to this application. Contact us to know more about this product!